Understanding the requirements

The following components must be implemented in your environment to use the SDS encryption service for Google Workspace:

  • A Google domain and a Google tenant both operational,

  • The Client Side Encryption (CSE) feature activated on the Google tenant. It is compatible only with Google Enterprise Plus and Google Education. For more information, refer to the Google documentation.

  • An identity provider (IdP) to authenticate end users. The SDS encryption service for Google Workspace is compatible with Google Identity and IdP solutions based on the OpenID protocol. Only Google Identity is mentioned in this document.

  • An administrator account of the Google domain is necessary to perform the configuration operations in the Google administration console and the GCP console.

  • A Stormshield account of which you must enter the information in the https://mysds.io/en/ page. For any question regarding this form, contact your Stormshield sales representative.