Removing file protection

To remove file protection:

Only users allowed to modify the access of protected files can remove their protection. Protection cannot be removed from files in an automatically protected folder.

  1. From the Windows explorer (or the Finder in macOS), right-click on the files or folders you no longer wish to protect and select Stormshield Data Security > Remove protection.
    A window appears with a recap of the results of the operation.
  2. If errors occurred, click on Details to find out more about the files concerned and the types of errors.

    The files' .sdsx extension then disappears, meaning they are no longer protected.

If your workstation or mobile device does not have a client or SDS for C&M, you can remove file protection using a web browser SDS for C&M Encryption Portal. For more information, refer to the SDS for C&M Encryption Portal User Help.