Managing access to a protected folder

To manage access to confidential folders

This feature is not available in macOS.

  1. From the Windows explorer, right-click on the folder to which you wish to manage access. This may be a folder that was protected automatically by the administrator or by yourself.
  2. Select Stormshield Data Security > Manage access.
  1. In the Manage access window, add or remove users allowed to edit the folder(s).
  • In the My address book column, filter the user list by entering the first few letters of their names in the Search for user field, then click on the Search icon icon.
  • In the Allowed users column, check the box Allowed to manage access to enable these users to allow other users to see and edit the contents of the folder.

If you cannot find a user in the list, refer to the section Users cannot be found in the list.

  1. Click on Next.
  2. Check the summary and click on Manage.

The folder and files that it contains can now be accessed by all the users that you have authorized.

If a key has availability or validity issues, refer to the section The application indicates issues with keys.