Automatically protecting folder contents

Automatically protecting access to confidential folders

This feature is not available in macOS.

  1. From Windows explorer, right-click on the local folder you wish to protect and select Stormshield Data Security > Enable automatic protection. This operation cannot be performed for folders located on a USB drive or shared network.
  2. In the Protect access window, select where necessary the users other than yourself allowed to edit the folder:
    • In the Search for user field, enter the full or partial names of the users who will be granted access to the folder and select them from the list that appears. External users who do not have SDS for C&M licenses cannot be added.
    • Next to the names of users, select Allowed to modify access and content if you wish to grant them full access to the protected folder, i.e., privileges to modify folder content and access to the folder. By default, users can only modify content Modify content icon.
  3. Click on Protect.

Files contained in the folder and sub-folders are now protected and only you and the users that you have authorized will be able to access them. A blue padlock appears on the icons of the folder, its sub-folders and the files that they contain.

From now on, any folder or file that you create or move in the protected folder will also be protected in the same way.

If certain files in the folder were already protected earlier, the following rules will apply:

  • Users who were allowed to access or modify access to these files will be replaced with those selected in the more recent protection.
  • Files that are already protected and for which you are not allowed to manage access will not be processed.

If you move the folder and its contents to another location on the local host, all items will continue to be protected.

If you move the folder and its contents to a shared network, its contents will remain protected, but automatic protection will be disabled on the folder itself.