Granting access to several protected files

To grant access to several protected files

  1. From the Windows explorer (or the Finder on macOS), select the files to which you would like to extend access, and/or the folders containing such files.
  2. Right-click on the selection and choose Stormshield Data Security > Grant access.
  3. In the window that allows you to select users, enter the full or partial name of a user in the search field. A list of users will appear:
    • The Recent section will display users whose files you have already protected,
    • The Results section will display users who match your search criteria.
  4. Click on the user you wish to authorize, who will then appear in the list of Selected users. This user will be allowed to modify the content of the protected file by default.
  5. Click on Modify content icon to change the privileges of the selected user.
    • The Allowed to modify access and content menu will allow the user to be granted full access to the protected file: modification of file content and modification of access to the file. The user’s icon changes to if full access is granted.
    • The Allowed to modify content menu grants the user only this privilege.
      If the user already had access modification privileges before having been added, they will remain.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 if necessary to extend access to other users.
  7. In the list of selected users, you can:
    • Check users' level of security. If the icon appears, this means that security is not high enough and this user will not be granted access. If the Certificate with error icon appears, the security error will not prevent the operation from being carried out, but you need to confirm it.
    • Select several users and use the Define access and Clear list buttons at the top of the list to apply these actions to all users at the same time.
    • Click on the cross at the end of the line to delete a user that has been added by mistake.
  8. Once you have compiled your list of users, click on Grant access.
    If there is a security error for some users, a confirmation window will appear. You can either confirm the operation or go back to the previous screen to delete users with errors.

In the last window, you can open the folder containing your protected files.