SDS for C&M 3.2 new features

SDS for C&M now includes Agentless Encryption technology, which makes it possible to protect and decrypt confidential files directly in a browser. Administrators therefore no longer need to deploy or maintain SDS for C&M clients. SDS for C&M clients also no longer need to be installed on the workstations of external users who receive confidential information. For more information, refer to the SDS for C&M Encryption Portal User Guide.

Collaboration with external users

SDS for C&M makes it possible to share protected files with external users who do not have the SDS for C&M client on their computers or mobile devices. In the Grant access menu in the SDS for C&M client, the user enters the recipients’ e-mail addresses, then grants them access to the files.

On the recipients’ side, they authenticate on SDS for C&M Encryption Portal through their SDS for C&M accounts or by using a code that they received via e-mail if they do not have accounts. They can then upload the protected file to the web page suggested by SDS for C&M Encryption Portal, which decrypts and saves it directly on the workstation.

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