SDS for C&M 3.1 New features

SDMC server

Shared Helpdesk and Recovery roles

In built-in key management mode, the Helpdesk and Recovery roles can now be shared among several users.

New security administrator role

In built-in key management mode, the SDMC security administrator is the first user registered on the server. In addition to holding the Helpdesk and Recovery roles, this user can now assign these roles individually to other users through the new SDS for C&M Portal. This feature makes it possible to share administration duties among several users.
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SDS for C&M client

Managing access to a selection of several files

After your files have been protected, you may modify the list of users allowed to access them. SDS for C&M now allows you to apply the following actions to several files at the same time, in particular the entire contents of folders:

  • Add authorized users or grant additional privileges to authorized users.
  • Remove authorized users.

This feature is useful, for example, when a coworker leaves the company or when new employees join the company. In a single operation, you will be able to grant or remove access to a user's confidential files.
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Smart card for authentication on Android and iOS

SDS for C&M is no longer compatible with smart card readers as Gemalto no longer supports the library used by Stormshield.

The SDMC server's administration interface continues to mention smart cards, but these items will be removed in future versions.