SDS for C&M client 3.0 new features


Helpdesk and Recovery user

The first user to be registered on the SDMC server will be identified as the Helpdesk and Recovery user and is entitled to a customized account.

Stormshield Data Security Office add-on

A Stormshield Data Security Office add-on makes it possible to protect and share files in a shared space directly from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
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Deleting users

Users can now be deleted from personal address books, which contain users with whom protected data has been exchanged, and users that have been added manually from an .sdsi file.

Automatic folder protection

When a folder is automatically protected, the protection now applies to its entire contents, even documents that have already been protected.

However, files that are already protected and for which you are not allowed to manage access will not be modified.

Connecting from a new device

Whenever a user signs in from a new device, he will receive an email informing him about it. The user can therefore ensure that all connections to his account are legitimate.

Mobile applications

Searching for users

In built-in key management mode in Android, you can now access the list of users registered on the SDMC server from your mobile device. This allows you to easily select users for whom you wish to protect or share documents.