New SDS for C&M 2.9 features

SDS for C&M server

Azure AD configuration

When creating an Office 365 (SharePoint Online) or OneDrive for Business shared space, you can now choose between two Azure AD configuration modes: use Stormshield‘s Azure application, or configure your own Azure AD.

If you choose to use Stormshield‘s application, you can click on a link to activate it automatically in your Azure AD.

API access tokens

The SDMC server now provides access tokens allowing third party applications to request the SDMC API.

New role for the administrators

A new permission, Managing tokens, is now available for administrators, allowing them to manage the SDMC API access tokens.

Device enrollment

A user logging on to SDS for C&M from a new device now receives an email. This email provides information about the device IP address, name, operating system ; it also indicates the date the device was registered on the SDMC server.

License details

When creating your corporate account, you are now notified that you can try SDS for C&M freely for 30 days and that the number of allowed users is limited to 10 during this period. Upon the expiration of this period, you must import a license to be able to add new users.

Additional information is now available in the More about licenses section of the SDMC web administration interface.

Logging user activity

The User activity panel now displays a log each time a protected document is edited.

Adding domains

Once you have created your corporate account, you can add several other domains. The users belonging to these domains will be allowed to use SDS for C&M.

SDS for C&M client

User account validation

A user account becomes active only once the user has confirmed the validation email reception. This email is sent to the address that the user specified when he created his account.

SDS for C&M locking

If the administrator enables the setting, a user locking down Windows will automatically locks his SDS for C&M user account. He will have to log on again to SDS for C&M to protect his files. This feature is only available if you are using SDS for C&M without SDS Enterprise.

Action Protect and share

The Protect and share action now allows you to protect not only the files that are copied to the shared space, but also the original files on the workstation.

Action Remove protection

It is now possible to remove the protection from a selection of several files or folders. If you remove a folder protection, all files within this folder will also be unprotected.

Mobile application

Application settings

The user’s email address is now displayed in the Settings.

On iOS, the General section was renamed into Account in the application settings.

Interface enhancements

The graphical interface usability has been enhanced.

iOS Face ID support

The SDS for C&M application now supports iOS Face ID.