New SDS for C&M 2.7 features

SDS for C&M server

Creating the corporate account

The selection of the key management mode during the creation of the corporate account has been improved. The implications of each mode are now explained clearly.

Support for Google Drive Backup and Sync

Policies can now be defined centrally to encrypt all files that have been created, copied and modified directly in Google Drive Backup and Sync. Do note that neither Google backup folder saved nor Google Docs files will be protected.

Provision of an SDS for C&M Azure AD application

You can now use Azure AD applications provided by Stormshield to configure access to your shared spaces.

Administration privileges

Administrator privileges can now be modified. Two privileges are available:

  • Managing administrators makes it possible to invite other administrators and access the list of administrators in order to modify their privileges.
  • Viewing user activity provides access to the list of actions performed by users (e.g., protecting or sharing a file, enabling automatic protection, etc.). This privilege allows the application of the GDPR if you are enabling it only for administrators allowed to view users' personal data.

Logging user activity

The following actions are now logged in each user's activity panel:

  • Opening a protected file
  • Removing protection
  • Enabling automatic protection on folders
  • Disabling automatic protection on folders

SDS for C&M client


Various levels of traces can now be collected for SDS for C&M. You can now enable or disable traces (standard or advanced) regarding the automatic protection of folders and synchronized spaces.

Link to file after sharing

After having shared a file, a link now allows you to copy the URL of your shared file. You can then send this URL to your coworkers if necessary.

Support for Windows 10 build 1803

The SDS for C&M client now supports the Windows 10 1803 update. If you have installed SDS for C&M in