Known issues


In external key management mode, the Validate and Cancel buttons of the User Administration window are not always visible. In such case, please use SDS for C&M Encryption Portal to give access to a user account or provide a new password.

When sharing a file, SDS for C&M may stop unexpectedly. Please restart SDS for C&M.

The Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility Share securely button embedded in the Office suite displays in English even though the installation was performed in French.

If you close an SDS for C&M window (e.g., protection, sharing, etc.) during an LDAP query that returns many results, you will not be able to open another window until after the query has expired.

Unicode characters are not supported in searches for recent users. Only LDAP searches allow the use of Unicode characters.

If using SDS for C&M with SDS Enterprise, when modifying accesses, some internal users may display in the “External users” section. This is a display issue which does not prevent the product from operating correctly.

If you are using SDS for C&M with SDS Enterprise, the interface remains frozen whenever you log off from SDS for C&M immediately after having modified access to a folder that contains files. This freeze happens due to the verification of certificates. Restart the workstation to resolve this issue.

Windows desktop only

When users activate OneDrive on their workstations for the first time, SDS for C&M does not detect this synchronizer, even if the OneDrive automatic protection is enabled in the policy.

In Microsoft Windows 10, when the Stormshield Data Team module has been installed, tracing with screenshots would stop for several minutes if the option Automatic protection of folders/synchronized spaces has been selected.

macOS desktop only

In macOS, SDS for C&M cannot be launched from the Dock if the SDS for C&M tracing tool is also on the Dock.

Display issues occur with SDS for C&M interfaces when the dark mode theme is enabled in macOS.

On macOS, if SDS for C&M has been shut down, you need to click twice on the pop-up menu to run the action.

iOS application

The Encrypted folder containing protected files is not synchronized on iCloud, even after you have chosen iCloud in your iOS device's file storage settings.

Android application

The SDS for C&M user account may be locked after device unlocking, even though the policy does not require it.