Protecting access to files

Protecting access to confidential files

  1. Log on to SDS for C&M Encryption Portal. For more information, refer to the section Logging in to SDS for C&M Encryption Portal.
    The file selection page appears.
  2. Click on the frame at the center of the page to select the file on your disk that you wish to protect.
    - or -
    Drag and drop the file you wish to protect to the frame at the center of the page.
    The protected file is saved as an .sdsx file in your default download folder, and can no longer be viewed by anyone else but yourself.
  3. If your browser prevents you from saving the file, click on Save the file.
  4. The unprotected version of the file can still be found at its initial location. You are advised to delete it so that you have only the protected version on your disk. Remember to delete the file from the recycle bin for more security.
  5. If you wish to protect another confidential file, click on Select another file and repeat the process from step 2.