Helpdesk and recovery

To deploy an encryption solution in built-in key management mode, a recovery system that makes it possible to retrieve encryption data within legal requirements must be set up.

In SDS for C&M, the first user account that is created becomes the recovery account, and its owner is the security administrator. This account is needed to run the solution and will never be deleted. When creating this account, ensure that you apply all the important recommendations.

The roles of the security administrator are the following:

Helpdesk: assigns a new password to users who have forgotten their passwords or if password confidentiality has been compromised,

Recovery: grants access to all the protected files of one user to another user, for example if the former user has left the company.

Since external users do not have paid SDS for C&M accounts, they do not need a helpdesk or recovery system. They also do not have passwords and authenticate with a unique temporary code. To retrieve their protected files, they only need to provide their e-mail addresses.