Using SDS for C&M with SDS Enterprise

You can deploy SDS for C&M based on an existing SDS Enterprise infrastructure. In this case, apply the following recommendations:

  • Ensure that SDS Enterprise is already present on the client workstations before installing the SDS for C&M clients. For more information, please refer to the section Deploying the SDS for C&M client for the end user.
  • SDS Enterprise must be in version 9.1.0 or higher. Nonetheless, we recommend using the most recent version of the product at all times.
  • The domain you declare when creating your account in hosted service mode (SaaS) must be the same as the one found in the user’s certificates.
  • If you only have Windows workstations, you do not have to declare an LDAP server on the SDMC server, as SDS for C&M will automatically use the SDS Enterprise directory.
    However, if your SDS for C&M pool consists of Windows and macOS client workstations, you must declare an LDAP server in SDMC. In this case, the LDAP configuration will be used for all your macOS and Windows workstations, and will replace the SDS Enterprise directory.
  • To export user keys and distribute them to recipients or mobile device users, refer to the Stormshield Data Authority Manager (SDAM) User guide.