Using SDS for C&M with SDS Enterprise

You can deploy SDS for C&M based on an existing SDS Enterprise infrastructure. In this case, apply the following recommendations:

  • Ensure that SDS Enterprise is already present on the client workstations before installing the SDS for C&M clients. For more information, please refer to the section Deploying the SDS for C&M client for the end user.
  • SDS Enterprise must be in version 9.1.0 or higher. Nonetheless, we recommend using the most recent version of the product at all times.
  • The domain you declare when creating your account in hosted service mode (SaaS) must be the same as the one found in the user’s certificates.
  • If you only have Windows workstations, you do not have to declare an LDAP server on the SDMC server, as SDS for C&M will automatically use the SDS Enterprise directory.

    However, if you have some macOS client workstations, you must declare an LDAP server in SDS for C&M. In this case, the SDS for C&M LDAP configuration will be used for all your macOS and Windows workstations, and will replace the SDS Enterprise directory.
  • To export user keys and distribute them to recipients or mobile device users, refer to the Stormshield Data Authority Manager (SDAM) User guide.