Looking up information about users

The SDMC server dashboard indicates the number of active users as well as the total number of users. Users are considered active once they have performed at least one operation over the past 30 days.

To obtain detailed information about users:

  1. In the server's administration interface, select the Users menu on the left or click on the Active users tile in the Dashboard.
    The list of all users who have been registered or are pending registration appears. Users whose Register date column indicates Confirmation link sent have yet to confirm their e-mail addresses in order to activate their accounts.
  2. Activate a filter if you wish to display only a category of users:
    • Active users: Users who have performed at least one action over the past 30 days.
    • Inactive users: Users who have not performed any actions over the past 30 days.
    • Validation pending: Users who have not yet confirmed the creation of their SDS for C&M account but whose 48-hour deadline has not expired.
    • Confirmation link expired: Users who did not confirm the creation of their SDS for C&M account within the 48-hour deadline. Click on Resend validation email so that they can finish creating their accounts.
    • Pre-declared users: Users who have been declared beforehand via an API script but who have not yet created an SDS for C&M account.
    • Special users: Users holding the Helpdesk or Recovery roles.
  3. Click on the user whose information you wish to display. The user holding the Helpdesk role can change users' passwords, and the one holding the Recovery role can recover user accounts.
  4. In the Activity tab, look up all the operations that the user has performed.
    • Opening protected files,
    • Editing protected files,
    • Protecting files,
    • Removing protection,
    • Sharing files,
    • Managing access to files,
    • Enabling automatic protection on folders,
    • Disabling automatic protection on folders,
    • Sending protected e-mails.

    Click on an action to see additional information. For certain actions, the list of all affected users can be shown.

  5. In the Devices tab, look up the list of all devices from which the user has performed an action with SDS for C&M. Each user can use a maximum of 50 devices.