Assigning Helpdesk and Recovery roles

In built-in key management mode, the first user that logged on to the SDMC server was automatically registered as the security administrator. This user has the following roles:

  • Helpdesk: Users holding this role can assign a new password to a user who has forgotten the password associated with his SDS for C&M account,
  • Recovery: Users holding this role can grant access to all the protected files of one user to another user, for example if the former user has left the company.

This first user can then assign each of these roles to other users via the SDS for C&M portal.

To assign Helpdesk and Recovery roles:

  1. Log in to SDS for C&M Encryption Portal as a security administrator. For more information, refer to the section Logging in to SDS for C&M Encryption Portal
  2. Click on the icon at the top on the right, and select Manage users.
  3. In the Users menu, click on the user to whom you wish to assign Helpdesk and/or Recovery roles.
  4. In the Security administration permissions area, enable or disable the various permissions as needed:
    • Recover users’ keys (Recovery role),
    • Change users’ passwords (Helpdesk role).
  5. Click on Apply.

An icon appears on the user's page indicating that he holds the Helpdesk and/or Recovery role(s).

After logging back on to SDS for C&M, the user can now perform the operations that his role allows. For more information, refer to the sections Recovering user accounts and Retrieving users' passwords.

However, this user is not allowed to assign these roles to other users.