Getting started

Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility is a solution that allows protecting and viewing corporate data placed in the cloud from the company's workstations or mobile devices. Data is protected when it is shared on secured shared spaces such as Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business) and Dropbox.

The Stormshield server (Stormshield Data Management Center) allows the Data Security clients installed on users' workstations and mobile devices to be centrally managed and is hosted by Stormshield‘s Cloud services.

When you created your corporate account, you had to choose between two user key management modes:

  • Built-in Key Management: SDMC contains an internal directory that allows users to collaborate seamlessly without the need to deploy either the LDAP server or the PKI.

  • External key management (external PKI): User keys are managed by your organization's own PKI.

In the documentation, Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility is referred to in its short form: SDS for C&M, and the Stormshield Data Management Center in the form: SDMC.