Deleting users

Deleting users makes it possible to release license tokens, which will then allow new users to be registered. It would be preferable to delete inactive users, meaning those who have not protected or shared documents for more than 30 days.

Before deleting a user, ensure that you have recovered his account by granting his access to another user. For more information, please refer to the section Recovering user accounts.
The first user registered on the server cannot be deleted, as he holds the Helpdesk and Recovery roles and is necessary in order for SDS for C&M to function.

  1. In the server's administration interface, select the Users menu on the left. The list of registered users appears.
  2. Click on the user you wish to delete.

To display only inactive users, user the relevant filter Inactive users icon.

  1. Click on Delete at the top right of the page, then confirm.

The user will no longer appear in the list. If he wishes to protect and share documents again, SDS for C&M will prompt him to recreate his account.