Allow anonymous guest link sharing for OneDrive and Office 365

The SDS for C&M sharing link for OneDrive and Office 365 shared spaces is anonymous: the user does not need to authenticate to access the file. Make sure the access to anonymous links is allowed in the Office 365 and SharePoint Administration Centers.

  1. Log in to Office 365 Administration Center as the global or SharePoint administrator.
  2. For each user, in the OneDrive tab, then under Sharing, click on Manage external sharing.
  3. Check the options Let people outside your organization access your site and Allow sharing with anonymous guest links and authenticated users.
  4. From the SharePoint Administration Center, in Sharing > External sharing, select Anyone for SharePoint and OneDrive.

  5. In File and folder links, select the option Anyone with the link.
  6. For each of your sites, from Strategies > External sharing, specify that the site content can be shared with Anyone.

For more information, refer to section Adding a One Drive for Business or an Office 365 (SharePoint Online) shared space.