Adding a domain to your corporate account

You can add several domains to your corporate account so that users belonging to these domains can create their accounts and use SDS for C&M.

  1. In the server's administration interface, select the Settings menu on the left.
  2. Under Your domains, click on Add.
  3. Enter an e-mail address belonging to the domain that you wish to add and click on Add. Public domains and domains that have already been associated with a SDS for C&M corporate account are not allowed.
    The e-mail address will appear in the Validation pending list.
  4. In the e-mail that you will receive at this address, click on the Confirm domain button.
    Once it is confirmed, the domain will appear among the Domains allowed. All users belonging to this domain can then create a SDS for C&M account.

If the request has expired, you can send a new request to the address on the domain by clicking on Resend validation email.