SDS for C&M 2.0 New features

Mobile applications

Event logs

Event logs of operations performed on mobile iOS and Android devices are now centralized. They can subsequently be exported to a syslog server such as Stormshield Visibility Center.


macOS support

The SDS for C&M client is now supported on macOS El Capitan and Sierra, making it possible to collaborate securely in Apple environments. This client logs on to SDMC to download its security policy and therefore offers all the features available to other clients: enrollment on the server, centralization of event logs, and user experience.

Automatic file protection

If the security policy defined by the administrator requires it, SDS for C&M automatically and transparently protects files placed in synchronized spaces found on workstations.

Searching for users

A new search tool has been added to the local address book or centralized directory (LDAP), making it possible to include users more easily during sharing operations.

Removing protection

Users with modification privileges on protected files can now remove their protection and leave them as they are.

SDMC server

Defining an LDAP directory

An LDAP directory can now be defined in order to use the certificates that it contains.

Deleting devices

Devices can now be deleted from the list of users.

Automatic protection in synchronized spaces

A new security policy has been added for workstations, making it possible to automatically protect files that users move to supported synchronized spaces.


Deleted shared spaces now no longer appear in the dashboard.

User activity history

The dashboard now contains an activity history view, displaying the following information:

  • Protection and sharing actions performed by users,
  • List of protected and shared files,
  • Users' daily activity.