New SDS for C&M 2.6 features

SDMC server

Installation of the SDS for C&M server

The server is now only available in SaaS mode and hosted by Stormshield's cloud services. The virtual machine for the SDS for C&M server can no longer be installed in your infrastructure.

Built-in key management mode

The built-in key management feature is no longer in beta mode and can be used in a production environment.

User for recovery and assistance

In built-in key management mode, the Recovery and Assistance roles will automatically be applied to the first user that logs on to the SDMC server. This user will be able to recover another user's key and/or assign a new password to this user.

Desktop and mobile device policies

Policies for desktops and policies for mobile devices are now configured via the same Policies menu. A single policy can be applied to all types of endpoints.

Downloading documentation

The Downloads page now allows downloading the SDS for C&M‘s Administration guide and Release Notes in PDF.


User administration

In built-in key management mode, a new menu makes it possible for users with the Recovery and Assistance roles to recover a user's key and/or change his password.

Notification area

In the notification area, you can now share or directly open documents on which you have recently performed any of the following operations:

  • Protect,
  • Manage access,
  • Modify content. 

Server's URL

The URL of the server is now configured by default (on and cannot be modified.

Mobile applications

Searching for users

In built-in key management mode in iOS, you can now access the list of users registered on the SDMC server from your mobile device. This allows you to easily select users for whom you wish to protect or share documents.