SDS for C&M 2.1 New features

Mobile applications

Protection on third-party applications

It is now possible to search for documents to be protected or that have already been protected directly in third-party applications such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Documents can be imported from the activity views of third-party applications.

Protection of photos

Photos can now be taken directly in the SDS for C&M application to ensure their secure storage. This also makes it possible to protect photos when they are shared via e-mail, DropBox, OneDrive, or other applications.


In order to facilitate the diagnosis of issues encountered, log tracking can now be enabled in the application. On iOS, iTunes sysdiagnose must be used. On Android, such logs can be sent directly by e-mail.

Importing authentication files

During the initialization of SDS for C&M, the .p12 authentication file can now be retrieved through applications such as Dropbox or OneDrive.

Compatibility with Appconfig

On iOS, the SDS for C&M application can now be configured centrally through an EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) system.


Multiple document protection

Several files or all the contents of a folder can now be protected in a single operation. In such cases, the list of authorized users applies to all documents and/or folders selected for protection.

Notification area

Recently modified protected documents can now be viewed in the notification area.

Simplified sharing after modifications

Whenever you access, through a browser, documents that you have protected and then shared in a shared space, such documents will appear in the notification area. You will then be able to look them up quickly and share them with other users.

Simplified collaboration in OneDrive for Business

Protected documents can now be published directly in OneDrive folders shared with other users (i.e., the Shared with me view in OneDrive).

Display of SDS Enterprise menus

When using SDS for C&M with SDS Enterprise, certain SDS Enterprise menus are hidden by default. All menus can be shown easily by selecting a checkbox in the Settings window that you access from the SDS for C&M icon in the task bar.

SDMC server


The SDMC dashboard now displays the following information:

  • The types of files that are the most frequently protected in the organization,
  • Distribution of the SDS for C&M deployment by operating system and by type (i.e., workstations and mobile devices),
  • The number of active users over 30 days compared to the total number.

Evaluation version

During the installation of SDS for C&M, a 30-day trial license is automatically enabled. Upon the expiration of this period, new users can no longer be added. You will need to import a license to unlock the use of SDS for C&M.

License management

The dashboard now displays information on the number of users and smart cards allowed per license, as well as any alarms concerning the license.