Known issues


Unicode characters are not supported for searches in the local address book. Only LDAP searches allow the use of Unicode characters.

When automatic file protection is enabled, the "Save as" function cannot be used in the following cases:

  • When saving Microsoft Office files in a synchronized space such as OneDrive or SharePoint.
  • When saving Libre Office files in any type of synchronized space.

After a certificate renewal, the new certificate is not automatically taken into account when editing a protected file. You need to run the wizard again to manage access to the file in order to apply the new certificate.

When the SDS Enterprise connection window appears, the icon of the SDS for C&M task bar no longer allows access to the pop-up menu. You need to open or cancel the connection to SDS Enterprise to enable the display of the SDS for C&M menu.

Windows client only

In Microsoft Windows 10, when the Stormshield Data Team module has been installed, tracing with screenshots would stop for several minutes if the option Automatic protection of folders/synchronized spaces has been selected.

In Microsoft Windows 10, file icons which open with a "Tile" application, such as images or PDF files, are displayed in white when the files are shared on a shared space.

macOS client only

In some cases, the SDS for C&M contextual menu does not display in the Finder. To solve the issue, enable the SDS for C&M Finder extension in the System Preferences, then restart the workstation.

On macOS Mojave 10.4, the SDS for C&M icon is not always displayed correctly in the Dock.

When opening SDS for C&M via Spotlight, the icon in the menu bar is not correctly displayed.

When you protect a locked file locally on macOS, the file is protected but the unprotected version of the file is also kept.

Android application

Shared screen mode is not supported.

If you modify the size of the text display in the system, the application suddenly stops upon unlocking.

The characters + / \ ? are forbidden in the file names.

iOS application

Afer updating the SDS application, it is no longer possible to connect in Bluetooth smart card mode. You need to reset the session.