Registering users

  1. After a user installs the SDS for C&M client on his workstation, he needs to create his account. For further information on the process of creating an account, refer to the SDS for C&M User guide that you can access on your workstation using the Right click > Help menu on the SDS for C&M icon.
  2. The user will then receive an email asking him to confirm his email address in order to validate his account. Until he confirms his address, he will appear in the Users menu in the web administration interface with the status Validation email sent. But this user will not yet be counted among the number of users for the license.
  3. In built-in key management mode, as long as the first user has not validated his account, the creation of any other account will be rejected. As the first user will be the helpdesk and recovery account, it is absolutely necessary that he logs on at least once to SDS for C&M so that other users can use the product. For more information, refer to the section Declaring the Helpdesk and Recovery user .

    The account validation email will remain valid for 48 hours. If the user does not validate his account within this time frame, the administrator will have to delete the user in the SDMC web interface. The user will then have to create his account again.

  4. As soon has he has validated his account, the user will appear in the Users menu in the web administration interface with his registration date. The number of users allowed for the license will then be deducted and the default policy will be applied to him.