The following conditions must be met in order to use SDS for C&M:

  • You must create your SDS for C&M corporate account on beforehand.
    Contact your Stormshield sales representative if you have not yet done so.
  • You will be receiving e-mails from the address Allow this address in your mail account so that these e-mails will not be considered spam.
  • Before your initial connection to the SDMC server's web interface, you need to declare an administrator. For more information, refer to section Declaring the first administrator of the SDMC server
  • If you are using the Built-in key management mode, you must register the Helpdesk and Recovery user. He will be the first user logging on to the server. For more information, please refer to the section Declaring the Helpdesk and Recovery user .
  • The user must have a Microsoft Office 365 account to use SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business shared spaces.
  • The user must have a Dropbox or Dropbox Business account to use Dropbox shared spaces.
  • The user must have an Oodrive account to use Oodrive PostFiles shared spaces.
  • The certificates of users involved in file protection or sharing must contain an email address in one of its fields. Certificates without email addresses are not supported.