Getting started

Welcome to the product life cycle guide for Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution.

This document contains information on the management of the various versions of the product range, including the versions supported by Stormshield, the compatibility with operating systems and third-party products, as well as the evolution policy for versions.

For further information on a specific version, please consult the Release Notes Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution.

In this document, Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution is referred to in its short form: SES Evolution.

Date Description
September 29, 2020 New document
November 25, 2020 Support of Windows 10 20H2
July 12, 2021

Support of Windows 10 21H1 with version 2.0.2

Release of SES Evolution version 2.1.0

November 8, 2021 Cosmetic improvements