Versions and compatibility of SES Evolution security policy and rule set

To ensure optimal security while keeping administration tasks to a minimum, Stormshield teams regularly update the security policies and rule sets built into the SES Evolution product.

When a new version of the SES Evolution product is published, it builds in the most recent policies and rule sets.

To ensure responsiveness, Stormshield teams may sometimes create or update policies and rule sets without waiting for a new version of SES Evolution to be released.

In such cases, packages containing the policies and rule sets created or modified, together with a release note explaining the changes, are available for download in the form of a .zip archive on MyStormshield.

Packages are named according to the naming system below:

This naming system provides a variety of information, in particular the compatibility of the version:

typeDetermines whether the package contains a rule set or policy

Package name


Minimum SES Evolution version required to use this package: this package is also compatible with higher fix versions of this minor SES Evolution X.Y version

YYMMYear (2 digits) and month (2 digits) in which the package was published

Version of the package in the month (“a” for the first version of this package in the month, then “b”, “c”, and so on)